How to get your security deposit back when doing a Move Out cleaning

Move Out Cleaning - Get your security deposit back

If you are a tenant moving out of a rental, you most likely have a cleaning clause in your rental contract. Everyone knows how to clean to an extend, however, a Move Out cleaning is significantly more work than your weekly clean, if you are not properly trained or have significant Move Out cleaning experience it can take you days to complete the required move out cleaning. Most people can work for hours cleaning their apartment and still not meet the cleaning requirements of the landlord and risk losing their security deposit. This is because new renters expect the property to be almost as new, if it is not, landlords usually end up paying for a company to re clean the rental properly. This is the reason why several landlords specify in their rental agreements that the tenants must use a professional Move Out cleaning company and submit a receipt as proof.

If you are not allowed to perform your own Move Out cleaning or do not have time or the experience, it may be best to hire professionals.

Whether your contract allows you to perform your own Move Out cleaning or not CLEAN can help you.

Our team has extensive industry experience and knows what landlords want to see, and they’ll have no viable reasons against refunding your deposit after our Move Out cleaning services.

Reach out to us now to inquire about our Move Out cleaning services.


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